wishing you a merry christmas.

we finally got decorations on our tree...

uh... yesterday.

i know, lame.

but we've been kind of busy.

and i also i bought all of our decorations for a total of $5.

good thing i did because we are pretty much raising a toddler.

midge gets into EVERYTHING.

she is training us, for real.

we have to midge-proof our house.

so here are some pictures of our tree:

are you wondering why it's crooked??

well, this is how we are ghetto...

this christmas tree is borrowed and upon bringing home we discovered the stand was indeed broken.

so we improvised...

giant big screen tv from the 90s is a great piece of furniture to lean a tree against.

and we also tied it to our blinds for good measure (and to midge-proof).

also, christmas tree = super fun new toy for midge.

she believes the tree is attacking her:

she is also a tinsel thief:

wishing you and your's a very merry christmas.

p.s. here is our first christmas card together as a family:

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


and please, no stealing.

santa is watching.


Grandma Kathleen said...

I love the pictures of your tree and especially of Midge playing with it! she is so cute. Merry Christmas!

andrea said...

that little kitten is the cutest thing ever. and i love your christmas card. merry christmas! :)

Writer J said...

I especially love those pictures of Midge :) Merry Christmas to you too!

Emily Ballantyne said...

I love your cat. She's cute! I love the pictures of her in the tree. Merry Christmas to you guys!

communikate. said...

Beautiful card! Happy holidays Jalene!

whimsy said...

so lovely!!! merry merry merry christmas!