"Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains."

hey y'all!

we are kickin' it here in Oklahoma with Lincoln's family.

we love being here with them and have some fun things planned for this week.

last night we spent a good few hours playing glee karaoke.

have you played it?  so fun.

i know i have some readers from the sooner state, so tell me what to go see here.

sorry for the hi-bye post, but i've really missed this family of mine.

seeeee ya!


Ashley said...

I'm an Oklahoman! Thursday the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so ya'll should go to the zoo or to Bricktown or something. Or the Paseo! That's always fun. You should eat some Big Truck Tacos!

Kristin said...

Just found your blog today! What a fun place to visit! Hope you're having a great time with family...

Brittany said...

uh glee karaoke? i need that.

i hope your christmas was wonderful jalene!

Jess said...

After reading your header i now have to go and watch the movie.
Hope your having fun with your family! And happy new year.