hi, friends.

it's me.

today is my first day "off" in a very long time so i have time to write an actual post.

except i woke up yesterday and today with a sore throat and junk in my face.

i really swear i NEVER get sick, but apparently i've been exposed to too many sickly people this winter.

i was going to (and will still try) to be motivated to do things today like taking down the christmas tree, laundry, and unpacking.

good thing i have midge because she is slowly starting to take of each ornament off one by one.
such a good helper.

i will also have to try to not be distracted by The Hunger Game series.

i know, i know... i'm a little behind the times, but we can't afford to buy books

and the waiting list at the library is like 60 people long.

and i don't have a library card.

so instead i borrowed the series from this handsome kid when we visited him in OK:

i just finished the first one last night and started the second.

what did you think of them?

i think i like them.

in other news, we are spaying midge in a couple weeks.

and i'm kind of really apprehensive about it.

we pretty much treat her like she's our first born and i'm just a little freaked out for her to go under the knife.


wish me luck.

i started to write some new goals for 2011.

guess what number one is?

 move out of this apartment.

lincoln said his goal for 2011 was to have a baby.

if he grows it inside of him, then it will happen.

that is all for today.

i better go eat something because i'm starting to feel dizzy.

and here's another family photo:

love them.


Kara Lynn said...

Oh that sucks!! Get feeling better :-(
I just had my first born (dog) spayed too. I thought I was going to die. I laid on my couch all day and cried because I was so nervous. Then she came home and I laid on the couch and cried all week long because I felt so bad for her. It gets better though after about a week. And my kitty was even faster so hopefully it'll be easy breezey! Good luck!!!

kELLO! said...

aw have a baby! :)

we just had our dog, lilly spayed. and it was the saddest thing ever. she's a 60lbs lab, and i had to pick her up and put her into the car. she could barely walk and i thought she hated me. james had to work so i had to drop her off and pick her up- tragic! make lincoln do all that. i was a mess. i called him and was like, "let me be clear, i'm NEVER doing that again!" he was all calm and sweet-like and said, "kel, honey, it's a one time procedure- so keep that in mind.." haha

i'm sure that makes you feel better about it, huh? sorry! she bounced back after a couple days and has been a way better dog than she was before. we would have done it sooner had we known.. hope it goes well! good luck!

erin m. said...

I love the hunger games series. I read them a few months ago and just loved them. I'm glad you are reading them!

kristin said...

i just started the first hunger games book too! i waited on the library list for 73 other people to read it. i can't decide if i like it yet though...

david-and-emily said...

I gave you a blog award today...you can check it out at emilyrosedowney.blogspot.com. No pressure to participate, just thought you would like to know!

miss lewis said...

HUNGER GAMES! That is all I did during my Christmas Break. They are ADDICTING. I just started the 3rd one.

I think the first one was so far was my favorite!


Jess said...

Oh the hunger game books are great!
I read them in two days over my winter
break. All my friends are reading them
as well... its funny because just the
other day we were saying these books
are making a come back.

chelsea said...

Can I ask where you got your bridals done? I love the blossoms!

kate lines said...

i never get sick either and this winter i did! *knock on wood*

i totally understand about being attached to pets, especially when you don't have kids, totally understand.

and you should totally have a baby in 2011. you guys are too cute to not share to love! get on that!