some more...

here are some more Oklahoma family pics that i worked on this morning.

i just love these people a whole lot.

the best siblings ever!

my husband... GQ-ing it:

the youngins...
preston, abby, & quinn:

the sisters:

grandpa, grandma & beck:

guess how many taylors we fit in this phone booth?

and if you know me really well, i'm always up for a good jumping photo.
and apparently chase is the only one good at jumping with a timer:

and again:

 so we decided to hold hands:

and that's why we have so much fun together.


Ashley said...

Glad you had fun at OU! Did you do anything else while in OK besides go to Norman? (Asked by a resident of Edmond.) ;)

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

Those are adorable pictures!!! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

goodness! those jumping pics are SO cute! love the phone booth one too! :)

miss lewis said...

these are just too cute!

I love that photo booth.

Anonymous said...

Who took the ones that you're in? Tripod? So fun! So cute! :)

kate lines said...

that baby is the cutest!