oh, what a day.

where do i even begin?

remember how lincoln said his goal for 2011 was to have a baby.

well, that kind of happened.

sunday morning.
7:00 a.m.

lincoln wakes me up and he's saying,

"it hurts! it hurts!!!!!"

over and over.

i'm saying, 

"what hurts? what hurts?"

over and over.

lincoln had been up most of the night because his nose is always clogged.

so i kept thinking something was wrong with his nose.

finally he says,

"my back, my side, my stomach!!!"

he was doubled over on the floor and clearly in pain.

i ask the usual questions,

"well, did you poop?  throw up?  what kind of pain is it?  sharp or dull?"

then i'm grabbing my laptop to webmd his symptoms, but he's screaming we have to go.  NOW.

i don't even remember grabbing my shoes.

i called my parents, "what do i do?  what do i do??"

my initial thought was appendicitis.

my parents also suggested kidney stone or gallbladder.

i'm of course crying and FREAKING out.

we get lincoln in the car and start driving to the nearest hospital.

i call his mom in oklahoma and ask her what to do.

she also thinks kidney stone, appendicitis, or gallbladder.

and also says kidney stones run in the family.

then she tells me to calm down so i can be strong for lincoln.

i compose myself and somehow get to the ER.

i don't even remember the drive.

it was probably a good thing it was a sunday morning and no one was on the roads.

lincoln is shaking severly and he's breathing so rapidly that his face and hands are tingling.

he's pale and doubled over as we walk in.

i couldn't even find anyone.

don't you think an ER should have someone sitting there at all times waiting for emergencies to walk through the door?

finally, someone.

"we need some help,"
i manage to squeak out with a look of terror on my face.

"oh, yes you do,"

she says looking at lincoln doubled over.

"looks like a kidney stone," she says.

and begins to tell us about the time she had one and also about another guy who walked through door before us in the same doubled-over state.

i spit out all his info and we finally get him in a wheel chair and back to a room.

IVs, oxygen, pulse monitor, blood pressure.

all hooked up.

then the morphine.

they ask us questions and say they will need to do a CT scan.

morphine isn't working.

lincoln is still at a pain level of 9.

seriously thought he was dying.

so they give him two more viles of morphine.

and then the CT scan.

he could barely stand and move from bed to bed and came back from the 5 minute CT scan screaming in pain.

so then they gave him another pain killer that was like ten times stronger than morphine... or something.

i can't even remember.

that did the trick.  no more pain.

we sat there for what seemed like forever.

poor guy couldn't drink anything before they had the results incase he had to go to surgery.

his mouth was as dry as a desert floor.

then the doc came in with the news.

5mm kidney stone.

the good news is, the stone had moved 99% of the way from the kidney to the bladder through the ureter.

now i know why passing a kidney stone is so painful.
have you ever seen a ureter?

it's like really small.  really really small. 

"generally kidney stones this size will pass on their own within two days, but it can take up to 2 weeks.  5mm is about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil.
6mm kidney stones are when we operate,"

she says.

comforting... the largest stone they will let pass.

then we wait and wait some more.

needed to make sure there was no infection.

a whole bunch of pain killers and 2 bags of fluid later, he is released.

definitely not the most fun 5 hours of my life and definitely the most pain lincoln has ever been in his life.

i've heard that passing a kidney stone is worse than child birth.

i hope that's the case, because if that's how painful child birth is, i might die.

i have never witnessed someone being in so much pain.

lincoln is doing well now, but he still hasn't passed mr. kidney stone.

wish him happy (and soon) passing, okay?

drinking lots and lots of water.

we need that little guy outta there!

we also dropped little midger off for her big surgery today. :(

she was FREAKED.

we just can't seem to stay away from the doc this week.


Chase and Leah said...

what an adventurous sunday morning. poor linc and poor midge! Beck and I woke up at 4:30 am last night sick. I told Chase this morning that we were just going to go down to your house so you can add two more patients. ;) I hope things calm down around there!

P.S. I'll only believe that kidney stones are worse pain than childbirth from someone who has experienced both!

Jo said...

How frightening! I feel for you both! Wishing a speedy passing of the stone, and a speedy recovery!!

Catherine Anne said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds so scary for you and Lincoln! I hope he gets better soon and Midge is okay too! Have a better week!

Cheyenne said...

I had kidney stones twice last year. UGH. Once you get them, you're more likely to get them again, so make sure he doesn't slack on keeping hydrated! I hope he feels better (you sound terrified, so I hope you feel better too!)OH and you might want to stock up on cranberry juice, because that stuff really does help!


Kelly's Adventures said...

Oh man I had a Kidney Stone and they are the worst. I am glad they figured it out right away. I had one for 4 months and they kept telling me was a bladder infection. One morning I woke up and it was so bad I couldn't walk and I was with a friend that didn't drive so we called an ambulence and then at the hospital I was in so much pain. They still misdiagnosed it!

Finally I went to my Doctor and they found a 7in Kidney stone and it had to be removed in surgery and it was suppose to be an in and out kinda deal but I spent 5 days in the hospital.

and I was also told its worse then Child birth which is good because I was in that time of pain where your just moaning and trying to move around to get comfortable thinking if Child birth is worse then this I don't wanna!

I'm glad its all better now!

Kara Lynn said...

Ah poor guy!! That would be terrifying. Way to take care of him and be a strong wife. My friend has had three babies and a kidney stone. She says she'll take labor any day, and hers weren't even that big!! Poor Linc!! Good luck with passing. I'm sure that will be horrible. And good luck with Midge, I hope she heals quickly. You're a good mommy and wife.

Heather said...

Yeesh! I've heard kidney stones are just awful, and this pretty much makes me never want to have one. :p Wishing Lincoln a speedy recovery, and little Miss Midge as well!

Anonymous said...

feel better lincoln!

david-and-emily said...

so sorry to hear about this!! I'm glad they figured out what it was quickly!!

Whitney said...

Poor little Taylor family! I hope you that it's all over soon. Let me know if you need anything. Don't people usually bring meals when someone has a baby? We could bring you meal with Lincoln "gives birth" :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! I heard those were super super painful. I'm sorry he had to go through that. Is he still in pain? Scary. I'm glad everything got figured out.

Renee said...

Please, please promise me you'll be naming the stone.

Sam said...

Poor thing! That sounds horrible. I'm glad that is what it was though and not something life threatening. I hope he gets better soon!

Amanda said...

oh my goodness! yikes! what a story! am glad that lincoln has passed the stone (finally) but how scary!!!

Chelsea B. said...

jalene i found your blog and I am loving it.. i am so sorry about lincoln and everything you went through! Dane and I feel so bad for you both! hope the end of the week went a lot better then the beginning! when you guys are down in SLC we should all get together.. love your blog!