cone of shame.

we picked up little midger yesterday from the vet after her BIG surgery.

she did really well and seemed to be recovering well.

she also acted completely terrified and will probably hate the vet for the rest of forever.

we took her home and she was acting like her normal self.

running around, chasing our ankles, pouncing, etc.

then she started licking her incision.

big no no.

so i called the vet... AGAIN.

and they said i could come pick up an e-collar... aka cone of shame.

we got it on her the first time and she kind of walked around for a second like a drunk cat.

i think it threw of her balance.

she didn't like that so much so she rolled over on her side and kicked that thing off.

we attempted to put it on her a couple more times.

and each time was so hilarious, that i had to record our last attempt.
i couldn't get the video to post here, so here's the link.

i promise it's worth it.

poor girl.

GOOD NEWS!!!  lincoln just passed mr. kidney stone, like three minutes ago.  hallelujah!  that thing is small!  so crazy.

the funny thing is we JUST got home from his urology appointment and he had to go to bathroom while he was there, but he decided to wait until we got home.

oh goodness, this week.

i have a dentist appointment today and if he tells me i need something crazy done, like a root canal, i might have a melt down.  i guess our whole goal this week is to completely empty our savings account and pay every doctor in utah.

AND... guess what else?  lincoln is seeing an ear, nose, and throat doctor today too because he can't breathe through his nose, like ever.  so we have to go see what going on up there.

fun week.  ;)


Kate said...

Awwwww! Poor little mite. I'm very glad I've never had to try and put one of those on my Esme-cat, I'd probably lose an arm!
Hope she, and Lincoln and you all feel better soon.

Whitney said...

Yay Lincoln!

Also in watching that video I had a flash forward of you and Lincoln putting a diaper on your baby for the first time. Except hopefully your baby doesn't thrash like that.

Glad everyone's doing better!

Emily Ballantyne said...

I laughed so hard watching that video I cried a little! Our dog had a cone of shame too. He was pretty crazy with it. He would run into things and knock everything over! He even ran into the back of my legs cause he likes to bite at our pants and gave me a bruise! Obviously his was much bigger than Midge's. It's sad, but kinda funny!

Anonymous said...

midge is adorable! so glad lincoln passed it!

Amanda said...

poor little midgey baby! am hoping that these two important people in your life avoid the doctor for a while! :)

Emily Dawn said...

You guys are cute in that video! Poor little kitten!