the return.

holy moly, how time flies.

did you even notice i was absent for over a week?

we returned from oklahoma two nights ago and haven't stopped running around since.

monday was work.  yay.
and tuesday we attended the beautiful wedding of these two.

she was probably one of the most beautiful brides i've ever seen!

and i also probably cried like 52 times during the day.

like for real BEAUTIFUL wedding

and i just really love them.

weddings are the happiest thing ever.


so last week we went to visit lincoln's family in oklahoma.

much to my surprise, i really really liked oklahoma.

except i don't know if i could handle all that tornado and softball sized hail business.
(and yes, there was a crazy rain/thunderstorm while we were there and tornadoes in surrounding states.)

it was really really great to see family.  like really great.

we have missed them so.

if you don't remember, lincoln's parents were called to preside over the oklahoma city mission as mission presidents for the lds church.

they serve for 3 years and took lincoln's two youngest brothers with them.

we shipped all the other siblings out there too and celebrated a (late) christmas and hung out all week.

i'll have to dedicate a post to it later once i have time to upload all the photos.


what i wanted to share with you now is the photos from this little giveaway we won a couple months ago.

elise is so cool.  we loved hanging out with her.

and we really love the photos she took of us.

here they be:

 and yes, i will be blowing this one up in giant form
because my husband looks so so so handsome.

and here is her blog post of the shoot if you would like to see more.


Steph Romney said...

these are beautiful photos! glad your back and blogging:)


Anonymous said...

BAH! You guys should probably not get anymore gorgeous, k? Why? Because A) It shouldn't genetically be possible and B) You're making the rest of us look bad ;) Love you! So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Have missed your posts! Y'all are PRECIOUS! :)

Grandma Kathleen said...

you both look so beautiful!

Kara Lynn said...

I love these! My favorite post of you two is always you hugging his back. I don't know why but you two just look so good that way. LOVE IT!!

Emily Dawn said...

I love them Jalene!

So so pretty!

Mandy said...

What a beautiful couple! I love these.

Amanda said...

Winter weddings are so beautiful! Whenever I go to weddings of people I love, I always cry like 52 times too :)