guac, minesweeper, and ice.

hello, there.

it's 11:00 pm and i'm eating a giant bowl of guacamole that i made from a giant avocado from costco.

from now on:  always buy avocados from costco.

they are huge and delicious and the same price as the little dinky ones at the regular grocery store.

i have an obsession with avocados.  they are so delicious.

but the salt is making my lips hurt so i keep trying to convince lincoln to give me a drink of his apple juice that he has on his night stand.

he keeps telling me that i "always steal from him."


he's playing minesweeper on his iPad...

remember minesweeper?

really old PC game meets modern new technology, apparently.

he's trying to pass the hardest level... 99 bombs...

and keeps having meltdowns when one goes off.

poor guy.

i believe in you, hunny!


this morning i was walking across the parking lot at work which was a solid sheet of ice from the storm last night, and it was also like ridiculously windy and i literally was being pushed by the wind on the ice.
so fun.

i'm ready for spring!!

raise your hand if you are too.


i'm curious, do you have any yummy (easy) guacamole recipes i could try?

i always put a little lemon juice and some season salt in the mix.



Jo said...

Watch out for the overgrown super duper chain store fruits and veggies...hormones.
The farmers market and organic choices may not be as large or pretty, but they are the real deal, safer and healthier. :)
As for recipes, here's a fun guac ingredient: cumin! Minced garlic, diced onions, salt, pepper, tomatoes, and cumin!! Deeeelish!

emily said...

minesweeper on ipad? my husband will be really excited to hear that.
with my guac i just do one (regular sized :) avocado, one diced roma tomato, 1/8-1/4 diced white onion, juice of 1/2-1 lime and a little salt too. it's really quite good :)

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for spring!!!! Love guac! :)

Emily Dawn said...

I love love love avocados/guacamole, I'm going to check back for more of these recipes!

Steph Romney said...

Lime Juice. Cilantro. Pepper. Salt. Perfection.

Chase and Leah said...

cumin adds a lot!! We used to make fancy recipes all the time and now we just use Tony Chacheres Creole seasoning...mmmmm!!!!

jasmine said...

mmmmm! i am obsessed with avocados right now. OBSESSED. i like to cut one in half, pour cholula in it, and eat it with a fork. perfection.

when i make guacamole, all i do is buy one of those guacamole dry seasoning packages, some limes, and avocados. not very fancy, but easy and delicious in my opinion.

Writer J said...

*raises hand*

Especially the weather in Utah that we've been having--definitely ready for Spring for sure :)

Minesweeper is fun. Glad he has the patience to get to level 99 :) Good luck Lincoln. You can do it!

Jennifer said...

When I make Guac I buy it

Sweet J said...

When I make guac I buy it.

Chess said...

Mash up an avocado and stir your favorite salsa into it. Add a splash of lemon or lime juice. Super easy and never fails! (Plus, you get to avoid the tear-filled chore of chopping onions.)

Catherine Anne said...

My friends don't understand my avocado/guacamole obsession, maybe it's time for new friends. Hahaha just kidding! So ready for Spring too!

ali said...


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Anonymous said...

(hand raised)

She Loves To Make said...

Ok this is how my parents had guacamole in San Antonio and my mom has been making it this way ever since!
It's not a "recipe" but add this stuff...
squeeze half an orange
squeeze a lime
salt and pepper
a couple tablespoons of salsa
some chopped red onion
...add all that to your avocado. So good!