once upon a time 8 months ago, we got married.

and i wanted to write a review on all the vendors we used, but it was possibly as hard as planning the wedding to execute that.

i've had tons of emails from brides asking my opinion on the vendors we used and i have written a few on here.

i didn't get to write all that i wanted about vendors, but i did want to show you our invitations because I LOVE THEM!

still feel free to email me and ask questions about vendors we used.

our invitations were designed and printed with Square One Printing in Logan, Utah.

my friend, kristin, used them as well and had said so many great things about them.

i found a design online somewhere when i was searching for invitation ideas.
 i used a similar idea.
i worked with one of the designers at Square One who was so patient with all of our changes and really made our product great!

i wish i could remember the kind of paper we used, but i can't.  it was a thicker card stock with some texture.

return address printed on back flap.


Ashley said...

WAY cute!!! :)

Megan said...

That is some NICE looking typography.

Mandy said...

Love these!

carla thorup said...

i love the long, slender invites. and the design is excellent! cute

gerbdesign said...

those are super cute!


Steph Romney said...

Jalene, those are BEAUTIFUL! I love that you did ONE photograph. That's the way it should be done. Those are excellent.

whimsy said...

seriously so darling! i was so happy to get one! if i could do mine over i would do them just like yours:)

KK said...

Great invitations! And Square One always does an awesome job. I had all my large scale interior design projects printed there when I was up at USU.

Catherine Anne said...

Absolutely beautiful! These are similar to what I've always wanted to do. The one picture and the invitation is how everyone should do it. Truly. And I love that you can actually read the information on invitation, because you don't have 4 pictures competing for space.