my big break!

what?  it's friday?  no way...

where have i been all week?

well, this morning i was on TV!!! and only for like two milliseconds, but it was still cool.

go here and check out the segment they did on Hairspray.
can you spot me?

i'm been hairspray-ing and saying good bye for 18 months to little sisters and spending time with that handsome husband of mine.

oh, and paying hospital bills... yikes, mr. kidney stone... you costed lots of money-s.

poor midge got attacked by a grocery sack last night...

(story): i had picked up a few groceries and we were unloading them at the kitchen table.  she loves playing in sacks usually, but somehow she got one wrapped around her body and fell off the table.  this caused her to absolutely FREAK OUT.  she started running around our teeny tiny apartment at FULL SPEED because the sack was "chasing" her.  lincoln and i frantically started running after her to try and help her out, ya know?  but have you ever tried catching a cat who is running FULL SPEED?  it's extremely difficult.  

after she ran into a bunch of things and managed to knock over everything in sight, we got her cornered and she was MAD!  but at least she stopped running which naturally made the sack fall off.  she even hissed at me!  if only she knew that we were just trying to help.

don't you wish we had this on video.

we'd be millionaires.

okay, not really.  but you would laugh.

k... these photos are mostly just for mom t. in oklahoma, but you guys can look at them too if you want.

taking abby to the MTC...

she is now Hermana Taylor.

leaving with a smile on her face.
love you, abb!!


Cecilia Warner said...

you and your husband are so cute. my boyfriend and i were going to see hairspray because i saw a post you posted and i wanted to see it but he was too sleepy /:

anyway take care!

President and Sister Taylor said...

Thank you for the pictures! They are wonderful and I love every person in them. Abby looks beautiful--what a sweetheart she is. Thanks for seeing her off and loving her as she headed out. You are awesome. Mom Taylor