iPhone photos


i've been working my tail off this week.

picking up extra hours... which is always good, but other areas of my life get neglected.

including this here blog.

but today i have a few photos from my iPhone that i thought i would share.

they are fun.

believe me.

here we go:

once upon a time, i was at work and my nose started gushing blood.
no idea why.
i'm a chronic nose bleeder.

i went to the bathroom to take care of it and it started gushing out of both nostrils.

it was terribly sad.
(see expression)

i'm very specific about my sub sandwich.
if any of you want to know... this is how i like 'em.

me at graduation taking a stupid picture of myself.
i just like how the girl behind me is totally smiling for the camera.

my rusty cat in the sink.
i miss him.  :(

lincoln standing funny while shaving.

a surprise note in the bathroom one morning.
sweet husband.

lincoln eating top romen out of a serving bowl.
crazy husband.

the day we got little midger
she's so tiny!

sleeping with lincoln.

it's hard to tell in this pic, but she's covering up her face with her paw.
such a cutie.

and last but not least...

lincoln trying to smile with a numb mouth from a visit to the dentist.
always great pics.

so handsome.

there you have it...

what classics do you have on your phone?


Anonymous said...

haha love all of these! That's about how i like my subway sub too! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ha, i love the sandwich order.

Grandma Kathleen said...

I love turkey subs too. you should try spinach instead of lettuce. so much better!