hello, april!

it's finally warm enough to be outside without a jacket!

and that means today i'm going to have a picnic with leah and beck in the park.

and also having a photoshoot later.

i'm so excited that i won't have to wear gloves!!!

maybe i won't even need to wear a jacket!  hallelujah!

i think i might finally be getting out of my winter blues slump.

because of daylight savings, i actually get to see the sun now, which always helps.

i'm just so excited for today... can you tell?

this weekend i will be watching general conference.

it's such a wonderful weekend full of the Spirit and happiness.

oh, and happy april fools day!

i totally tricked lincoln into thinking i was pregnant last night.

but it only lasted for two seconds because he has a constant awareness of the current time.

at least i know what his face will look like for the real deal.

have a lovely weekend.

i hope it's warm where you are too!


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

I wish I could go jacketless! its pouring out today!

have a great weekend!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ha, that's a pretty big april fool's joke!