our UN-healthy week.

 friday morning was spent in a hospital with lincoln.

this has become a way too familiar scene for us...

not to mention we've already met our out of pocket maximum for lincoln... in MARCH!  lucky us.

 in the past few months lincoln has been dealing with horrible allergies and a nose that will not let him breathe.  the allergy doc decided that he would need to go in there and shave down his turbinates and clean out his sinuses.  

lincoln did really well during the surgery.

when he was waking up from the anesthesia he said to me, 
"i feel like i'm waking up from the dead,"
"am i in a coma?"

the nurse and i kept trying to wake him up so we could go home and so i said,
"lincoln, try and open your eyes, okay?"

he looked in my direction and with a sad voice said,
"i can't... will you help me?"

he said a bunch of other nonsense that i tried so hard not to laugh at.

 i kept telling him he had a hand on his face.  he was super confused.  but i thought it was funny.

poor guy.

like i said... everything went really well.
we took him home to start the healing process and pretty soon he started to complain about his eyes.

he said they were burning and itchy.
we spent all day friday and saturday on the phone with the on-call doc trying to figure out what was up with his eyes.

he wasn't able to open his eyes at all friday.  his left eye felt better saturday but his right eye is still giving him MAJOR grief.

and you can see why here:

poor, husband.

he looks so sad.

we got an antibiotic for it, but we still don't know what in the heck is wrong with him.
his nose hasn't even bothered him... you would think, huh?

2011 has not been the year of good health for us.

so far we've had:

a kidney stone
2 sinus infections
2 cavities filled (lincoln, not me)
costochondritis flare up

last week alone:

i came down with strep
got a horrible kanker sore
lost 80% of my eyelashes
had a weird heart burn attack

lincoln had surgery and now has this horrible eye thing.

we are seriously having bad luck.

so... starting this week we are hoping for a much healthier happy year!!


Jo said...

Wishing you both good health...and SOON!! :)

Emily Dawn said...

Sheesh Jalene- That is all awful, I am so sorry!

Lincoln's poor eye. . . I hope you guys get better!

Anonymous said...

Your REAL eyelashes? Or your fake eyelashes? :( Sad. Stop being unhealthy, for Pete's sake! I'm praying for you guys. You worry me. Keep eating your vegetables.

Marie Hatch Chambers said...

That was just the Winter of 2011. Now you are in the clear. It is Spring!

Hoping for quick recoveries all around.

Amberly said...

You should try LiLash or one of the other lash growth products. There is a girl at the salon who uses it and her lashes look pretty much like yours did with the eyelash extensions on them, but they're healthy ;) You just put it on your lash line every night before bed and they start to grow and get thicker. It's awesome! I'm going to get some next month so I don't have to feel like I want to wear fake ones for my wedding.

erin elder said...

Awe I hope everything gets better soon.

I had the same surgery in January and it helped me A TON!!! The healing process takes a while, but it is SOOOOOOO worth it - coming from a girl who sympathizes with Linc's pain in the allergy/sinus infection dept. It's been a few months now and my allergies have improved so much!!

Hope that gives you guys a little bit of hope... :)

7upkels said...

Jalene!! I'm so sorry to hear about the yuckiness of being sick you've had to go through. I hope you're both able to recover quickly and life will be healthy and happy again!! At least you guys have each other to take care of :)

Caitlin said...

I am laying sick in bed totally empathizing with you. That is terrible! Feel better!