i've had a lot of things on my mind lately.

that's why i haven't been "around" much...

and we can't seem to stay away from doctors...

remember how i was sick on monday?

went to the doc and i have strep throat.

strep??  i haven't had that since i was a kid.

i got some good ol' antibiotics to karate punch that nasty guy out of my system.

now... i just hope i'm done with all the sick business.

lincoln is having surgery tomorrow.

which always a little nerve racking... especially since he will have to have anesthetic.

let's hope for a speedy recovery!!!

anyway... i may get around to telling you what's been on my mind lately... but i'm still thinking about things... so we'll see.

to cheer yourself up after reading this post, you should head on over to my friend kelli's blog and see her adorable engagement.

i'm pretty sure i cried.

i love love.

and you can see just how happy they are.

it's beautiful.


kelli christine case said...

thanks jalene! you are soo sweet. make sure you submit your address (: so you two get invited.

ps i totally hate the doctors. hope you guys can stay away for good!

Misty Star said...

i will say a prayer for your husband's surgery tomorrow... hope it goes perfectly

Diana Smith said...

all these sad things about surgeries and what not!! How awful!! Well on the happy side, you should come to my Utah Blog Party on April 16th...it would be so fun to meet you and hang out with other Utah bloggers!

Liz said...

feel better soon and hope your mind gets some peace soon as well!!