sick, again.

hello, monday!

i'm at home sick in bed... AGAIN!

last night in a matter of 5 hours i was afflicted with the WORST possible sore throat know to mankind.

i felt a tinge of a sore throat and about five hours later, i was lying in bed trying every possible way to avoid swallowing because every time i did it would bring tears to my eyes.

like razor blades slicing down my throat every time i swallow.

it's fun.

i also resorted to mumbling everything i needed to say because talking was just as painful.

this resulted in me repeating myself multiple times because lincoln just couldn't understand me.

needless to say, this turned into a very restless night of sleep.

oh, and don't ask me to speak to anyone today.  it hurts.

and remember my costochondritis

it's totally flaring up again... and bad.

so in sync with my horrid sore throat, i'm having terrible chest pains.

i'm just in great shape, aren't i?

in other medical news, lincoln has to have nose surgery this month.

he's been battling with horrible allergies... basically his whole life.

we've been in and out of the ear, nose, and throat doc's office to try and figure out what might be wrong.

they took a CT scan of his face and looked at his sinuses.

the doc pointed out that all of his sinus cavities were full of junk instead of air.

which would explain the not being able to breathe.

they also want to shave down his turbinates...

poor guy hasn't ever known what it's like to breathe like a normal person.
we thought might as well get the surgery this year since he already met his deductible in january with mr. kidney stone.

at least hairspray is over now and i won't be trying to sing my little heart out with this nasty sore throat.

and i'm SUPER excited about the bachelor finale tonight.

who will it be??  emily or chantal?

no one spoil it for me!!

well, send some "get better soon" vibes my way!

i'd appreciate it.


andrea said...

Get Better SOON!!!


meme-and-he said...

aww feel better soon! and I think it will be emily!

Writer J said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! Just got over sickness myself.

Catherine Anne said...

Oh no...that's the worst! Get some rest and get feeling better SOON!!

Diana Smith said...

ahh I hate having bad health! Its the worst, you don't realize what you take for granted each day...and having a sore throat is terrible!! I hope you both get better very very soon!

emily said...

get better soon!

i'm so glad he picked emily! she was my pick from the first night. i hope they make it work.