bad decision.

oh, last night.

ohhhhh, last night.

i had been suffering from a horrible headache for 6+ hours
and it was time for bed.

so we left the room to brush our teeth.

i was a few seconds behind lincoln on the way to the bathroom.

i turned the corner and put my hand up to my throbbing head



lincoln was hiding behind the corner waiting to scare me!

little punk.

i gasped.  obviously.
followed by, "huuunnnnnyyy!"

and then naturally, 
fell to the ground in fetal position and cried.

and don't worry,
he apologized over and over.

and it was all kind of funny too.

ten minutes before this incident...

i accidently punched him in the nose,

and stabbed his ear with my finger nail.

so i guess you could say we are even.

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