a smelly discovery.

tonight, lincoln exclaimed we have been "underliving."

you see, we were packing up our apartment...

that's right...


we are moving in less than two weeks (yikes, so much to do)

and we discovered all of this awesome kitchen stuff we have yet to use in our 11 month stay here.

it was like christmas!!

(that's why were are apparently "underliving")

blenders, waffle makers, special spaghetti pots that drain so easily, more strainers, pitchers, plastic cups...

it's funny how little you can survive on, right?  
and yet you had all that crap at your disposal anyway.

so yeah... 
we are moving.

and we've been painting and prepping our room and it's turned out so beautiful!

i will be showing pictures shortly.

anyway, so we came home from church on sunday and i could smell this very strong odor.

it was very... garlic-y

so i assumed that our landlord had made some kind of meal upstairs...

it was so strong 
(well, to me... lincoln couldn't smell it at all... to which he said i'm probably pregnant, not)

i opened up some windows sunday and monday morning to try and get rid of the smell.

it got better, but it still lingered.

as we were packing, i kept complaining about the smell, so i sniffed it out.

it was stronger by the microwave.

lincoln wondered if something had fallen behind it...

you guessed it...

he pulled out a bag of old cut up garlic.


don't hate us, okay?

so, does anyone want to come help us sort out all of our stuff??!


katrina said...

hahaha we keep finding wedding gifts we forgot about too. its kind of wonderful.

where are you moving?

goooood luck!!!

Shelby Lou said...

That is kind of gross. BUT. It probably happens to everyone once in their life, maybe not with garlic, but yeah.

I want to see pictures of your cute place when you decorate it! I bet you have awesome decorating skills.

emily said...

lovely pictures!

also, can you start your "money monday" series back up? i loved those!

meme-and-he said...

bahh this is awesome. glad you found it!! and of course it was garlic, not some nice smelling thing. happy moving!!