referral incentive!

you may not be getting married, but you might know someone who is...

and that is good news for you because when you're having that conversation about wedding plans you can say, "hey!  i totally know a photographer you could use!"

and then if your friend books with me, you land yourself a 

to a selected retailer!

that's right, you get something out of this!

and this doesn't only work for wedding referrals...

i'm offering this referral incentive for ANY type of session.

so, please, start talking...

and get yourself some free money.

p.s. my website is really easy to remember:

thanks, friends.


Erin Marie said...

I already referred my cousin over to you! I'm not sure if she's emailed you or not--but you better believe I'll keep talking you up. I just love your work. You are such a sweetheart too! Good luck!!

andrea said...

i told one of my dear friends shari about you last week (before this awesome promo!) i don't know if she contacted you, but i did refer you for her wedding!

carla thorup said...

i'll try to hook you up! and i love the new site, very simple and classy.