eternal families.

hello, all.

i hope your mother's day weekend was wonderful, mom's and future mom's alike.

lincoln got in trouble by me and his family for not doing anything for me.

*cough* don't forget next year *cough*


but i guess he slightly made up for it by letting me order a vintage pearl necklace last night.

he also gave me a nice elbow in the face in the middle of the night in his sleep.
thanks, husband.  haha

we spent this mother's day motherless.

my mom is currently visiting south africa with my dad.

and lincoln's mom is in oklahoma serving as a mission president.

we missed both of our mom's, but we got to skype and email with them.

yesterday was also my dad's birthday.
happy birthday, dad!

and wednesday is lincoln's dad's birthday.

it's a week of celebrating our parents!

we also got to talk to lincoln's beautiful little sister, abby, on saturday.
she is serving a mission in santiago, chile.

it was SO wonderful to hear from her.

she is so happy and can speak spanish beautifully (from the little i know).


this weekend we actually spent a great deal mourning with some of our closest friends.

this sweet dear couple gave birth to a still-born at just under 20 weeks.

ever since we heard the news friday evening, my heart has felt broken.

since both of their parents live far far away (and we were parent-less as well), we took them dinner yesterday evening and cried with them.

i can't believe the things they had to experience this week, and how strong they are now.

it made us think a lot about the miracle that is child birth and how we would handle the same situation.

we love this couple dearly, and hate to see them go through such pain.

but we both know they will see their little girl again someday.
and they will be able to hold her and love her and raise her.

we are so grateful to be an eternally family.

if you would be so kind... pray for our friends.

love you all.


Heather said...

My heart goes out to your friends... my husband and I are trying to start our own family and I can't imagine anything more difficult than what they must be experiencing.

katrina said...

that truly breaks my heart. i cant even imagine. we will definitely be praying for them.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Loosing a child is probably one of the most unbearable things that can happen to someone on this earth. I am happy they had good friends like you to be around them.
p.s. my little brother is on a mission in Santiago Chile right now too? funny :)

Misty Star said...

i suffered from a miscarriage at around 5 weeks just a few weeks ago. i will most certainly keep them in my prayers. 5 weeks was hard enough... i can't imagine what it must be like at 20. thank you for posting this. it's actually brought me great strength and sorrow to know that so many women experience this. we are not alone and through the pain, God has a plan for us and it is Perfect.

Catherine Anne said...

that is so devastating, i can't even imagine going through that kind of heartache. they will be in my prayers! it's so nice to know and be reminded that families can be together forever! you are amazing!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Man, I feel like I keep crying this week! Thank you for sharing this and for being such a good friend and bringing them dinner. A lot of your thoughts that you shared were exactly what I was thinking, so it was nice to read them and really ponder on all of it. YOu're the best, I know that you already know that, but seriously you are!