a lunch break post.

i'm home from work on my lunch.

i love living 2 minutes away.

and i'm making midge take pictures with me while i kill time.

can you see that box behind me? 
in the right hand corner?
that is my box of socks.

i got all unpacked and realized i don't have a single drawer or single square inch of closet space to put my socks.

so they remain in their box.

do you good organizers out there have any creative ideas of what i can do?

also, i'll honestly point out (so you don't judge us)
where lincoln has decided to hang his towels.

silly boy.

did you know we have a towel rack in the bathroom?

p.s.  i like having separate closets.  yay!


Steph Romney said...

your color-coordinated clothes. too cool.

Erin Marie said...

I love that you color coordinate your clothes. I do that with EVERYTHING. It's the only way to go...

Tyanna said...

My husband puts his towels in the same spot! I'm always taking them down and putting them in the bathroom. Too funny!

Shelby Lou said...

Seperate closets? I bet that is what sold you! haha I want to see more pictures of your little house! :D

Anonymous said...

YAY for living closer! Not that you were that far before...but, it's nice to have you back :)