hello, tuesday.

rainy tuesday.

is it raining where you are?

it always rains here lately.
and it ALWAYS rains on the days i have photoshoots.

but all the sunny days, i don't have photoshoots.

how mean, huh?

actually, now it is snowing.

yep, snow.

that's REALLY mean.

anyway, what else is there to do on a rainy/snowy morning other than play words with friends with husband.
(i'm totally winning.)

you see, it's the second day of husband's physics class.
i should also mention he started a new job yesterday and didn't get home until 11:15.
anyway, this physics class has homework due every single day, and he didn't get to work on it until 11:15 last night.
we spent a few hours doing the problems, but my brain couldn't go back to 10th grade and remember trigonometry.  i told my 10th grade self that i would never need to use trigonometry again.  and i was right, except that i would need to use it for husband's physics homework.  who knew?

after only getting to problem 6 of 14, we decided it would be a really long semester if we couldn't even do the first assignment.
so he dropped the course and signed up for another one.
and then spent the next hour reworking his entire college career semester by semester.
and making sure to take trig before physics.

school is frustrating.  just saying.

so i mentioned he just started a new job.
i also got a new job, but i don't start for a couple weeks.

we just like to do extremely stressful life changing events all at the same time as a big happy family.

moving.  two new jobs.  school.  having a baby.

just kidding.  no baby.

but that definitely would be another stressful thing to add into the mix, eh?

well, i'm going to go clean.

happy tuesday!


Anonymous said...

That baby joke? Not funny. I almost had a heart attack of excitement. Where are you working?

Anna said...

I read the baby part and was SOO confused. I thought I missed a very important post! lol

andrea said...

a) this weather is not fun. it definitely does not feel like summer at all.
b) physics is also not fun. hopefully trig helps with the physics later on.
c) school IS frustrating. i can feel the frustration and annoyance of classes.

kristin said...

what is your new job???

jessie said...

i love words with friends.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

bahahaha! The baby joke was hilarious! You guys are always doing A TON! It's crazy!

emily said...

haha - you got me on the part about having a baby. or are you being serious? :)