shutter buddies.

happy thursday, friends.

today i'm doing something a little out of the usual and reviewing a product for you.
i know, exciting! right?!!

leora contacted me last week and introduced me to her etsy shop,

i loved her idea and creativity.

leora makes fun little "buddies" that hook on to your camera lens to help grab the attention of little ones you are photographing.

i think this is a brilliant idea, since i am constantly snapping my fingers or talking in a high-pitched voice to get them to look at the camera.

i love all the fun colors and designs she has come up with.

and the best part is, most of them come with squeakers in them, so photogs... you can save your voice.  no more high-pitched baby talk.

not only does she sell the "buddies" in her shop, she sells adorable hats and bracelets.

i love these hats.


and koala:


pssst... she makes them for adults too!

she was even so kind to donate a few of the bracelets to our dear friends who lost their baby last week.  and they buried a couple with her.

this is what leora said about her shop:

I have my Etsy store to keep me busy while my husband is gone with the Army.  He's been gone over 2 months and will be gone at least 5 more.  I have three kids.  Claire is 4, Randy is almost 2 and Jane is 4 months.  Between Etsy and my Littles I stay pretty busy and I like it that way.  It makes the time my husband is gone go by much faster.  I thought the Shutter Buddies would be a good idea since my own kids won't pay attention for pictures that long.  I'm not a photographer myself but like everyone else, have seen thousands of pictures of kids refusing to look in the direction of the camera.  Aside from my Shutter Buddies I have a lot of other fun stuff in the store.  Next to the Shutter Buddies, the baby bracelets are definitely the most popular.  I originally made them so my own little ladies could look extra cute and then discovered they look fantastic as photo props and the pearl ones have been requested several times for weddings.  The hats are just something really fun to do and wear. They look cute in pictures too!

i admire her so much!

so go ahead and check out her shop.

AND if you like Shutter Buddies on Facebook, there will be coupons!!  wahoo!

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Emily Meyerhoffer said...

So cute!! I'm excited to check out her shop!