just stopping by.


my last friday off in a LONG time.

and lincoln has to work, so i'll probably just do boring stuff.

more of our family has been affected by the storms.

my mother's cousin (lee allphin) was in the tornado in joplin.

it is a miracle they survived.

and some of leah's family had terrible damage to their home in atlanta.

the devastation is so sad!

even though there are a lot of sad things happening right now, there are still a lot of happy things.

my childhood friend, justin, and his wife, emily, welcomed their identical twins in the world!

cade is on the left, and cole is on the right.

i had the pleasure to photograph their birth story... well, kind of.  she had a c-section, so i photographed them after.

aren't they perfect?  i stared at them forever with a smile on my face.  you just can't help it!

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Dawn said...

I know all of the Allphins! I used to be in the Granby ward when i was a wee one, and then we moved to Joplin. Small World

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

What beautiful pictures!

It has been so sad to hear about Joplin and all those affected.