oh, the entertainment of photo booth and long hair.

it's a late.
and i may not be of sound mind for posting this.

but it was funny at the time.

you may think otherwise, but whatev.

i entertained myself while lincoln played frolf on his iPad for HOURS.
okay, maybe not hours.  but when your bed abruptly moves every 15 seconds as he "throws" the frisbee, it feels like hours.

pretty much everything you do in real life, can also be played on an iPad.
we went frolfing a few weeks ago.
and now, he plays it on his iPad.

anyway, back to my ridiculous ways of entertainment.

long hair is fun to play with:

 first up: 80s crimpy side ponytail.

 next: the bun.

 third (one of the best): braided bearded jalene.

at this point i turned to lincoln and said, "hunny, do you like my beard?"

this was his reaction:
 at least he thinks i'm funny, right?

 fourth: i'm a lion hiding in the grass! rawr!

fifth: mustache mayhem.

and that's all i could think of for you on this make-up-less day.


Erin Marie said...

Hahah! I love it!

Nina said...

so funny! i loved this post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the braided beard and the lion through the grass and the memories I associate with each of those things! Hahaha, love!

carla thorup said...

super awesome braid beard!

and we stayed up an hour past bedtime 2 nights in a row playing frolf on the ipad! it's so silly how fun it is.

andrea said...

haha! that braided beard is great!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

The 3rd one is hilarious! Seriously, I can't stop laughing! You are awesome!

Janey said...

bahahahahahahahaha man the beard is hilsrious!!!!!!!!!!

Chess said...

You gotta be doing some Princess Leia! :-)