tuesday is today.

 some photos of our lazy tuesday.

well, we aren't being completely lazy, 
but we actually have a day off for once together.

it's wonderful.

midge always finds a place here to sleep.
it's probably the cutest thing ever.

we just love her.

do you like our gray walls?

i'm so totally in love with them.

like i really LOVE them.

the walls aren't complete yet, so a full post with pictures will be coming soon.

here's another preview of the wall above my desk.

the desk is small, but i LOVE it.

my mother painted this for me a few years ago.
it is her old make up table.

isn't it cute?


Misty Star said...

my long haired miniature dachshund does the SAME THING! because he is so long, he reminded me of your cat... sometimes he tries to lick your ankles... that's gross, though :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! So clean and fresh!

andrea said...

i really really adore your workspace area. especially the floating shelves. i'm anxious to see more pictures soon!