our little adventure.

for a few weeks i've been driving past this hill that is covered in yellow flowers.

at first i thought they were dandelions, but upon further investigation, it seems they are some type of sunflower.

i gathered my permanent models (family) and declared a photo shoot.

chase, leah, and beck:

i actually kind of like this "accidental" shot by leah...
even though i look pregnant... which i'm not.

"hi, beck!"

my favorites of the day:

aren't they a beautiful couple:

beck loves his uncle lincoln:

we also took a few with my new fujifilm instant camera that lincoln bought me for our anniversary!

love it!


kylee said...

what a perfect spot for pictures.

andrea said...

To and your husband are so adorable. Those pictures are very pretty & it's fun to see you two interact w each other. :) and happy anniversary! I started following your blog about the time you got engaged. It's been to continue following. :)

Makenzie said...

so cute! I love your shirt (& you didnt look prego ;) lol)
I think that I want to be one of your permanent models..

Leah said...

I am so lucky to have you as a sister Jalene, not only because you are a great photographer, but because you are great in so many other ways as well! Love you!

whit939watts said...

your photos are gorgeous and that hill is amazing!

Grandma Kathleen said...

more great pictures!

Kiera said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. oh, and you couldn't possibly look pregnant even if you were a full nine months along. :)