i love packages tied up with string.

so it was a long day of work.

and then some time spent with some family of mine i haven't seen in weeks!
and some sytycd.

and then some scouting for locations to shoot tomorrow.
i found perfection by the way.

it's going to be sahweet!!!

and after all of that lovely stuff i came home to find a package in the mail for me.

from my lovely blog friend erin.

i photographed the beautiful erin and her beautiful sister, anna, last summer.

and now we are OFFICIAL blog friends.

well, let me tell you a little secret:

erin is like freakishly talented.

and the package in the mail was these beauties:

yes, i know, i should have photographed these in better light, but i couldn't wait to show you!

when i approached erin about drawing my wedding dress, i couldn't decide which one (my mom's or my own) to have her illustrate, so i did both!

i am seriously stunned.  they are absolutely beautiful!

and she wrote me the nicest note (with possibly the most beautiful handwriting ever too).

so i think you should probably reap from her talents and have her draw your dress too.

so i mentioned she was talented right?

if you're looking for a florist, she is a very talented one.

i'm thinking her and i need to collaborate in the wedding industry?  yeah?

speaking of weddings...

did you all see the photo on my photography blog yesterday?

if not, you must hop over there are swoon with me.

happy happy weekend!


Erin Marie said...

Oh my word you are so sweet!! I loved doing these for you! So glad you got them today, I was praying they didn't get lost or bent.

And pretty sure we do need to collaborate in the wedding industry! Seriously.

Kaylie Photography said...

I love them!! How cool!!! p.s. you and your hubby make me so excited to find mine someday;)

miss lex: said...

these are so darling.

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Nice job Erin- those are awesome!!

Kari said...

those are gorgeous! such a cute idea. someday when i get married, it is happening.