self portrait

i decided it had been a while since i took a self portrait.

so i did today.

and can i just say that i love my husband.

i really really do.

and this weekend we are celebrating our FIRST anniversary!!

can you believe that??!

we had three people tell us tonight how much they enjoyed our wedding reception.
i'm so glad it was memorable.

it was pretty much the most fun day of my life, so...


Erin Marie said...


you are one stunning lady.

and i loooove that shirt.

Catherine Anne said...

You are SUPER gorgeous, Jalene!! And I can't believe you've been married for a year...time has flown by! Congrats!!

TheCoys said...

your reception was awesome! It was the funnest, most well organized and involving reception I have been to. I loved celebrating with you guys that day. Happy one year anniversary in 3 days!

Chess said...

I really, really love your blouse. And happy anniversary!

katrina said...

you are beautiful.
happy anniversary!!!

communikate. said...

beautiful as always!!