we've had quite the weekend, to say the least.

if you've been around here on this blog for a while, you have probably seen quite a few photos of these beautiful people:

and in case you're lost... this is lincoln's older brother, chase, his wife, leah, and their little boy, beck.

some people may wonder if beck is actually our child since i have so many pictures of him on this blog, but nope, he's just our favorite little nephew.

they are also our favorite people ever to hang out with and we have been lucky to live about 13 minutes away from them for a year.

since the rest of the taylor family is living in oklahoma, or serving a mission in Chile, they have been the only taylor family we've had close by for the past year.

thursday, lincoln called me at work telling me chase had been offered a job in kansas city, kansas.
they weren't completely 100% sure on accepting the offer yet, so we waited.

by friday morning, it was decided that this was the best for thing for their family and chase would be starting his new position tuesday morning.

it would be an understatement if i were to say we were just a little bit emotional about all of this.

we all shed many tears this weekend, and i can't even begin to tell you how much we will miss them.

lincoln and i are now feeling kind of left in the dust here in utah...

but the best part is, we know that it's not permanent and we will all be together again.

friday, we had the pleasure of spending all day together as a family.
i second shot a beautiful wedding saturday up at deer valley.
and then came home and we all had a sleepover in the living room like siblings do.
and then we spent all day sunday together, attending church and eating great food.

and then some pick up ball in the driveway:

"hey, guys!  i'm open down here!"

we will sure miss this little man:

we are grateful to have spent the last year with them around.

they have literally become our best friends.
i look up to leah so much.  i hope i can be the kind of mother she is to beck.
she is so talented in so many ways and everyone loves her.

chase is an amazing father and such a good provider for his little family.
i know lincoln has always admired his big brother and cherished all the crazy brother memories they've had together.

so basically what i'm saying is... 
we are now recruiting anyone who wants to be our new best friends, and if you have an adorable 16 month old, you get extra points! ;)

and if there is any kansas city readers out there, let me know what we need to know about kansas city!

to top off the weekend, sunday was midge's birthday!

my little baby kitten is 1 years old!

i sure do love her, even though she's so ADHD she won't even let you hold her for one second.
(seriously the most spaz-iest cat in the world.)
let's hope our human babies aren't as spastic as her.

happy birthday, baby girl!

and the next few photos are for my mother-in-law in OKC.

midge's long lost cousin, allie:

 beck LOVES cats!

 "hi, family.  meow."

and a picture of your beautiful flowers:

miss you guys, lots!
and i think you should reconsider letting us keep preston and quinn here in utah.

now that chase, leah, and beck are leaving, please wish us luck on continually, even more, boring life.


Krista & Tyler said...

So, are you going to move again?!

And ps - we would totally love to substitute and be your new best friends! We don't have kids, but when I babysit, I can bring one of those tykes!


Lets get together soon!

Lacie Goddard said...

well... I have an adorable 14 month old if you want to be best friends??

Anonymous said...

awww so sad!!! :( i know that must be hard!

carla thorup said...

oh, i always get so sad when people move.

and midge is already 1!? sweet little spastic thing.

alyssa nelson said...

beautiful pictures Jalene!! oh, and guess what? i saw your husband at texas roadhouse in bountiful this past weekend... i knew he looked familiar and couldn't figure out why then realized it was from the many times i've stalked your blog! haha.. sad you weren't there, i would've gushed over your blog in person! :)

Mike and Sarah said...

Sad day! I lived next door to Leah one year - she's such a sweetie!!