flying cat.

please watch this video of my flying cat.

but don't get bored in the middle.  i tried to cut it, but it didn't work.

she's just getting ready for her biggest jump of all!
you won't want to miss it.

also, don't make fun of my husband's socks.  i know he's dorky!  :)

also, you can stop watching when my mom starts talking about deer in our backyard.
it's not very interesting after that.
unless you like listening to people talk about deer in their backyards.

also, isn't midge so funny?!
now, just imagine her jumping like that at your ankles when you walk down the hallway.
welcome to my life.

also, please spot the planking stuffed animal cat in the background.


Jess said...

That is such a cute cat, i used to love playing like this with my old cat. At night i would use a touch on the wall, and the cat would scale the wall for it.
And the planking cat... love it!

Chess said...

What a jumper! :)