alpine slide.

watching this adorable video, reminded me that i didn't blog about our alpine slide adventure!

a few weeks ago, lincoln and i had the same day off work 
(which NEVER happens)

so we decided to visit park city and ride the alpine slide since i had never been.

also, i haven't taken pictures with a point and shoot camera for a while.

husband dragging sleds while i take photos. 

so here's the story.
fact: i have no arm strength.
and you kind of have to push pretty hard on that lever to go fast down the hill.
lincoln snapped a few pictures and then zipped down the hill.

so there i am, plugging along down the slide.

and i'm kind of kicking myself for not videoing the ride, because all of a sudden...

a GIANT squirrel suddenly popped out next to my slide and made a move like he was going to jump right on my track right in front of me.

keep in mind that there are people straight above me riding the ski lift up the mountain.

i screamed so loud.

and then spent the rest of the ride laughing my head off.

i wish lincoln hadn't kicked my trash and could've been there.
so funny.

anyway, the alpine slide is fun.
if you come to utah, you should go!


L!$@ said...

That looks like heaps of fun! :D

katrina said...

hahahaha that picture of lincoln looks freakishly similar to the clip of jeff.

i truly lllove the alpine slide. so fun. next time you need to try the coaster. you will laugh your face off.

and im pretty sure i would have full on crashed if i saw a squirrel. haha

whimsy said...

so fun! we have been meaning to go up there and never have:) miss you pretty lady! hope all is well!