today i bring you a documentary of our trip to oklahoma last week.

it was so wonderful to spend time with our family and relax.

i also took a lot of photos of beck and not so much of anyone else...
so basically these are just really cute photos of beck in oklahoma. :)

the first day we got there, the weather decided to give us a break from the heat.
we went shopping at a new outlet mall and i found some black skinny jeans i've been searching for forever for $23 at the gap outlet.  score!

lincoln also bought another pair of basketball shoes which he somehow convinced me he needed.

we stopped for lunch and i snapped a few photos of this adorable guy:


we also did a lot of swimming in the neighbor's backyard:

and then we attempted a family photo in the backyard one evening.

i swear i was slowly melting.

bangs plastered to sweaty forehead.

so insanely hot!

somewhat of a refuge in the shade.

the couples:

the best in laws in the world:

little bros:

and then they boys did a lot of this...
what they do best...
watching sports:

we had some really hilarious rounds of charades and pictionary:

and one of the highlights of the whole week was visiting the oklahoma city bombing memorial.

i was fairly young when this happened and i learned a lot i didn't know as a 7 year old little girl.

this gorgeous tree survived the bombing.
it has great significance in the memorial.

it was an eye opening experience for me to visit the memorial and also a very somber one.

we love our family dearly...

it is crazy to think every single one of us is going to be in a different part of the country/world starting this week.

mom, dad, preston and quinn in okc.
leah, chase, and beck in kansas city.
sister abigial serving in chile.

and lincoln and i here in utah.

near or far, we are happy to know that our family is eternal.

some more fun pictures soon,
news about our weekend,

and some big changes in our lives.

and thanks to leah for snapping the photos of lincoln and me.  :)


Leah said...

What are we going to do without you guys living just around the corner? I can't even think about it... anyway! You forgot to mention that team Jaleah killed it in Pictionary!!! woot woot! Also, you are so funny to give me credit for the two photos I took. I am SUCH a good photog, I know ;) xoxo!

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Very pretty pictures! I'm glad you had such a fun time with your family!

whimsy said...

crazy when family is so spread out huh? mine is the same way, and it is really hard. but trips like this are the best! i love all your pics, you are such a great photographer! what are the big changes in your life?? i love the ok city bombing pics, those are nuts, i totally remember that happening even though i was only 10- it was so scary. thats so great that they have all of that memoir there.