a few weeks ago, lincoln and i decided to purchase bicycles!

we thought it would be fun to ride around the neighborhood together
and a perfect way to enjoy the wonderful summer we have in utah.

we researched a few places and finally found some that were reasonable
and ones we loved!

we purchased them from citizen bikes.

we've only been able to take them out a few times, but we love them!

the best part is, they are folding bikes!

we can fold them up in about 20 seconds and put them in the trunk and go!

i have named mine "daphine":

lincoln said his is named "rock"... but i don't think that's a very good bike name, so maybe i'll have him re-think that...

and some day lincoln will be better at taking pictures of me actually riding my bike.   :)


Anna said...

Ah these look so cool! Love that they fold up too.

L!$@ said...

Awww I want to go bike riding!! :D

Krista & Tyler said...

I've actually been looking for good bikes, so thanks for posting this! I'd seen these before and forgotten COMPLETELY about them!!! You are the best! I need to come test drive them! haha Miss you guys!

Krista & Tyler said...

I love these bikes! I'd seen them awhile back and totally forgotten about them! Thanks for posting! Now I'll have to come test drive them! Miss you guys!!

whimsy said...

i love it!! bikes are the greatest. i love our bikes, we ride them everywhere. and yours looks awesome!