hello, august

sorry about the unexpected break.

i guess i just needed a little vacation and time to catch up on things.

i've been busy photographing weddings, and babies, and brothers and friends and sisters
AND working 40 hours a week.

needless to say, there hasn't been time for blogging.

tomorrow morning we are headed to oklahoma city to see our family!!!!

so excited to give my inlaws a big giant hug
and veg out for a week
and not think about anything!

i may not be blogging much,

but will probably be tweeting our little vacation.

so follow me here.

also, i might melt there.
me and humidity do not mix.

"ok-lahoma where the wind comes blowing down the lane..."

name the sitcom and character who sings that and i'll give you a gold star!


Ashley said...

Hope you have fun in Oklahoma with them! That's where I am and it is hot, hot, hot! It will be a little cooler this weekend though (in the 90s for once!) so maybe you'll get lucky and not have to endure the 110 degree + heat index + humidity weather. Most of us have just been hibernating inside.

kels said...

chandler from friends! woo! :)