it amazes me how fast life can pass you by.

how easy it is to get caught up in the mundane and go months without truly living your life.

funny how routine can be extremely detrimental to someone's happiness.
but yet we are so scared of change or trying new things.

yes, change is scary, but it helps us grow. 
and i don't know if i've ever met a single person that didn't learn something from change.

all we do is work work work.
and i feel sad that this is what defines our life right now.
(our kids will think we are so boring.)

but is this what all young married 20-somethings are doing?

how do you truly live you life and do all those other things at the same time?
i want to know.

i want to feel again.


Kylie said...

As a twenty-something fairly newly-wed, I know what you mean. For me and my husband, we live our lives by finding joy in the little things. By making the effort to make each other happy. I find joy by finding creative outlets, by dreaming, and also by trying to improve myself. I am sooooo far from perfect, and I don't have it all figured out, but I guess it's about finding joy in the moments.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I are only living together,not yet married.However,just this weekend I was lying in bed,despairing about the fact that we never 'do' anything.It's always the same routing - work,eat,sleep,repeat.I just feel like there's so much more of life to be had.But because of time and financial restraints,we (and lots of others,of course) are prevented from doing what makes our souls happy.It makes me very,very sad :(

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

The only way I can get through life, or the work week, is when I have something to look forward too. Even if it's a vacation that is a month away.. Or just something fun that we have planned that weekend. When I have no fun plans ahead is when I really struggle.. But then I try to plan something else :)

katrina said...

dream. we love to make crazy plans with our life even if we know its so not going to happen. it brings us closer and a lot of the time before you know it those things are happening.

im with ya though, it can be hard.

Leah said...

I love what Kylie said, its about finding joy in the little things, we all have seasons of life, some are much more exciting than others. Even though it would be nice to have money to go out and do fun things all the time, you can still find joy in the small things of life. My ideas: plan a secret date for Lincoln. It will spice up your life as you plan and get ready for it, and then it will strenghten your relationship too when you surprise him! I did that a few months ago and it was so much fun. check out datingdivas.com they have TONS of fun ideas! love you!!

kelli case anderson said...

i second katrina.

just this morning jared and i were out to breakfast and we fantasized about moving to new york.
we talked about everything we'd do even down to what we would eat. who knows maybe we will move to new york one day, the doors are wide open for us to go anywhere or do anything. even if we don't move right away, it still made me incredibly happy TODAY that we could dream about it.

i think its all about the give and take and the compromise. how you spend your time is up to you, not the man. really though! i don't work as much as i could, yeah maybe we have less money, but everyone is happier.

be happy, its a commandment!

amelia said...

I am going to take dancing lessons.

the little creative stuff always helps, too--like Kylie said up there. even ridiculously near-insignificant things. you can make something totally different for dinner... or rearrange the furniture in a few rooms. buy a new shirt. it won't cure the boredom forever, but it can make a difference for now.

kelli case anderson said...

jalene! i read a really great book, that changed my life! i am always recommending it to everybody! i was reading it yesterday and thought again about this post! message me if you care to read it!

Whitney said...

I've felt this way too! And when I feel like I'm out of touch with my feelings and my soul I write. It doesn't matter what I write or if I feel like I have anything to say. The simple act of writing brings me back to myself and I feel things better. Cleans out my mind or something. I love you!

kate said...

I think it's about finding joy in the simple and mundane things. I really. I think you can dream and be creative but I think once you can find joy in those things everything else will seem that much better.