we celebrated halloween on saturday with friends.

the gibsons threw THE best halloween party ever.

it was so much fun.

linc and i didn't want to spend money on halloween costumes so we kind of came up with things last minute.

me: creepy zombie.
linc: michael jordan.

i'm not going to lie, being a zombie is kind of fun... but i also am very scared of these photos of me.

 see what i mean?

the lovely dinner table:

the clan: 
(and the creeper in the corner)

the polar bear and tiger:

michael jordan and the zombie:

the progressive lady and mayhem:

the other zombies:

 it always great to be with these people.
we just love them!

lincoln's idea... (we got last place)

happy halloween!


Amberly said...

You are a really freaky zombie! We've been watching Walking Dead lately and zombies freak me out now.

Amanda said...

That first picture of you looks like you were bellatrix lestrange for halloshween!

Amanda said...

PS. Progressive lady = best costume ever.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Looks so fun! What a cute table set up! Love it!

Whitney said...

The first time I read this I thought it said Lincoln was Michael Jackson. Needless to say I was confused when I saw the pictures.