a super exciting update about us.

well, hello world.

is anyone even still out there?

i decided i should blog so the first picture that shows up isn't that terribly scary picture of me on halloween.

i feel bad that this little blog has been so neglected as of late.
there just hasn't been that many exciting things going on in our little family of three.
(me, linc, and midge.)

i just didn't think anyone would want to hear about how we just school, work, eat, and sleep all the day every day?

really.  it's SO exciting.

we miss our taylor fam always.
16 days until we can be together and eat some turkey.

i also have found a new obsession with edamame. (thanks, leah!)
i seriously can't stop eating them.
at least it's not potato chips, right?
let's hope there isn't some rare disease you can get from consuming too much edamame.

that husband of mine keeps me smiling and laughing even when decisions about life, jobs, and money are hard.

he studies his brains out all week.
i didn't even know one person could study so much?
he's so dedicated and diligent.

midge is as adhd as ever.
the other day lincoln said to me, "midge is really fun, but i really hope our kids aren't as adhd as her."
she wears us out.
i wonder if she'll ever mellow out?
or if she'll always run around the house at full speed for no apparent reason?
she's seriously the most insane cat ever.
but we love her oodles.

i'm flying to michigan this weekend to photograph one of my best friend's wedding.
i am so happy for her!
i get all teary eyed because of all the happiness i feel for her and her james.

anyway, that's all about i can think of now.

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