here comes the sun.. nah nah nah nah

oh, this poor neglected blog.

if anyone still reads this, i'm not sure i have anything that interesting to write about it today.
it's just one of those days i need to write to organize my feelings (maybe).

life around here is pretty simple.  we basically do almost the same things every day.  we aren't very exciting anymore.  that's why i never blog... or maybe it's because blogging is a dying trend?

i actually wrote a lengthy post about a month ago, but never published it, because it was semi-dramatic and short lived.  (small panic attack...)

it's hard to talk about anything else except my photography business because that is my life right now.
i have never been so happy, career-wise, in my life.  everyday is so fulfilling and i have a serious passion for my business.  i never complain about any aspects of my business.  i love the budgeting, keeping track of income and expenses, shooting, editing, organizing, all.  of.  it.  i feel so liberated and refreshed and absolutely happy about all of it.  i have been super fortunate to book a good amount of wedding clients this summer.  i have one wedding a week (or more) starting tomorrow for 10 straight weeks, a week break, and more to follow.  it truly has been the biggest blessing.  i can't even explain how much joy this career brings to me.  i've talked to many people recently that comment on how lucky i am to do what i love and they never have felt that way in their own career.  there were many that doubted i could succeed at this.  it's definitely hard and unpredictable, but i'm pretty dang proud of how far i've come.  i still have a million things to learn, and i will be the first to admit that i'm not the best photographer out there.

it's a miracle midge looked right at the camera for this picture.
she's still a spaz x 100.

lincoln is about to finish another semester of school.
he should only have two part-time semesters left, then GRADUATION!
after then it will be about a year and a half before we head off to Physicians Assisting school for a 2 year program.

all of those plans scare me a little, so i don't think about them much.  

lots of things about the future scare me.
it's hard to know when the right time for everything is.

i wasn't sure it was the right time for me to quit my full-time job and pursue my business full-time.
but now it's proving it was the right time.

BUT it's definitely hard to take that leap of faith.


Elsha.Rae said...

oh my goodness oh my goodness!! you have a blog?!! k love it and you! xo :)

Elsha.Rae said...

oh my goodness!! k you have a blog!? LOVE IT! (almost as much as you! ;) ) xo!!

Kelsie said...

I love it when you update your blog, and I absolutely love that photo of your little family :) You are gorgeous.

brenda said...

I love your hair color!

Lindsay Kay said...

You go girl! :) Keep making your dreams come true. I'm so proud of you!

Amy K said...

I love your blog, I think we should follow each other - http://amyklundt.blogspot.com/.

Catherine said...

Love it when you blog!! That picture is adorable. Your hair is so long and gorgeous...love your color!!

andrea said...

i think it is really neat that you pursued your photography business. you do have an incredible talent & i follow your blog and FB page as well. :) it's amazing how the Lord blesses us when we pray and follow the Spirit.

and congrats to lincoln with finishing the semester :)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

I second all the hair comments! You are so pretty Jalene! I am so happy that business is doing well! I'm not surprised though, you are such a talented photographer!!! I love keeping up with you on this blog!

Janice Thi Tran said...

Looks so cute! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!