Poland-Part 2

This post is dedicated to Auschwitz. It's hard to really say how I feel about this place. It has a very eery, solemn feeling. Most Poles have never been there.  It's too hard for them. Most of the people killed here were Poles.

While we were there, the light was so interesting.

After we left, I kept thinking about the people who lost their lives there and awful they were treated.

To describe it in one word... horror.


Kelsie said...

I've always wanted to visit, I've always been so fascinated with everything during that time, but from friends/family who have gone before, their reaction is quite similar... Haunting, even. You took beautiful photos of such a heartbreaking place to visit.

L!$@ said...

I want to go there one day. Not sure how I feel though. I imagine it's so completely different in person.