Poland- Part 1

In October, my husband, Lincoln, and I visited Poland for twelve days. Lincoln served an LDS mission there.

There are definitely really pretty parts of Poland. They love their parks. I wish we had a quarter of the beautiful parks they have. And the city squares are always really beautiful!

But like most European countries, the people there are very cold. The language is super difficult. I just kept looking at Lincoln and asking him how he did it for two years. Needless to say, I have A LOT more respect for my husband for living there for two years. It is not an easy place to live.

I really enjoyed visiting the cities he served in. We really had a great time together! I caught a little E. Coli bug about 6 days into our trip and was really sick the rest of the time. That put a wrench in some of our plans, but we still managed to do most things. I just had to take it a little easy.

There's not many pictures of me the last half of the trip, because you know... I looked terrible! Lincoln was really sweet and took such good care of me despite not knowing how to find the right medicine, soup, and gatorade. He's such a great husband.  I was so happy to see a place he loves dearly and talks about every day.

This is Part 1 of our trip... and the longest post of the three. Tomorrow will be Auschwitz because it deserves a post of its own. And we will finish off with Krakow... the prettiest city we visited.


L!$@ said...

Wow those are some awesome pictures! One day I'll get to Europe...it looks so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wow. you are quite the photographer. you inspire me.