Maybe I think you're cute and funny

Oh what a day.

Remember how I've been really REALLY stressed lately?
I have about a gazillion knots in my back.
Yes, a gazillion.
Pain up the wazoo!
So today I decided to use my campus coupons and get a massage.

Appointment: 2:45
Jalene leave's class at 2:10 to catch bus at 2:15 to get home by 2:30 ish to get to appointment by 2:45.... doesn't sound too hard right?
Well, as I'm walking to the bus all of a sudden 4 minutes have passed and it's 2:14 and I'm not close yet.
So I begin to run...
And we all know how freakishly awkward it is to run with a backpack on, especially one with a laptop in it.
So I'm awkward running past all these strangers on campus in hopes to catch the bus... oh and I might mention I was also talking on the phone and had my new shoes giving me blisters.
Almost there...
and there goes the bus...
right past me.
Doesn't that make you mad?! Seriously!!! I ran awkwardly and all with my backpack, at least I could catch the bus that caused me to make a retard of myself. Nope!
Sad day.
Then I decided to walk home. Until Tuesday I have not done this all winter semester... and I walked home two days in a row. What is this?
This brings me to my shoes.
So I bought new shoes a few weeks ago. They are CUTE! So cute. And black. And flats. Well, like every new shoe I have to wear them until I get calluses on my feet so they don't hurt anymore. They still hurt today.
Which brings me to... why is it that everything girls have to do have some level of uncomfortableness... most of the time.
May I mention: bras, nylons, knee highs, tweezing, jeans, but especially SHOES!
Which brings me to... this one time I was Aeropostale in the Cache Valley mall and this guy was ringing up my merchandise which happened to be a scarf.
He says to me, "This scarf is soooo cute! Oh my gosh!"
Me: "Yeah..."
Guy: "Except it's like really thin.... I always wonder why they make girl's stuff so thin... like t-shirts, ya know... everything."
Me: "Yeah... we just have to sacrifice for fashion."
Guy: "AAAAHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA Oh my gosh girl, we can be friends." (High five)
Me: (looking around to see if anyone had witnessed what had just occured.... smile... dying of laughter on the inside.)

That is the end of my random thoughts... Continue with the story.
Where were we? I walked home...
I drove to the massage place... first hit a dead end... then almost get hit by an old lady in a truck... then can't find it... phone the place and accidently put "Maria" on hold so she can't here anything I'm saying... frustration... call back... find the place... finally.
I decided to get a hot rock massage because I've never had one before. I was a little nervous because I didn't really know how "hot" these rocks were gonna be.
It actually was pretty nice. I had hot pebbles in between my toes and pretty much every where else. I may have gotten a little burned... just for a sec, but I highly recommend it. The girl that did my massage was named Ginger and she was very nice, but either she didn't want to break me or she was weak sauce because she didn't push hard at all. I am a very tender person and usually like my massages on the less deep side of things... but seriously woman. I have a gazillion knots I need you to get out. I guess I need to go get a deep tissue for that.
The best part about this was that it's a two for one deal. Next tuesday I get an hour long facial! Never done that before either. And I'm excited.

For now, I'm going to sit in my warm bed and read Harry Potter. That's right. Because I've done homework for the last 3 straight days of my life and my brain needs resting.


Megan Stefany said...

I hate midterms.
They are close to the equivalent of death.

katrina said...

harry potter can cure the worst of days.

Dawna Allred said...

Yer cute!!! Harry Potter rocks it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jalene, you are so very entertaining! That sounds like a crazy day, I HATE missing the bus so much...especially when you watch it pass. LAME! A massage sounds nice and a facial...I should look into that! Love you Frijole! :D