Bitter Sweet

Jalene Junior is gone.

And it's true, I cried a little bit.

Oh gosh, it's so very sad.
But I keep reminding myself that I have a nice new car that I'm happy with.

And I sold Jalene Junior for WAY more than I thought I could. Ad was listed for less than 48 hours! And technically the guy I sold it to called me 10 hours after I listed it and was sure he wanted to get it.

BUT, I promise you that I will never ever love a car as much as I loved my very first car. Pinky promise you. Aww, the memories. I will miss it dearly.

Even though I'm sad to see my little car go with Jason, it's new owner (a very nice man who I told to take good care of it), I realized the car was only a symbol of memories. Just like it tagged along for all those good times. The best part about it all is all those memories include people I still have in my life who I never have to give away or sell. I get to keep them forever.
My wonderful beautiful amazing

I couldn't just pick one picture. Mostly because it was hard to find one with all 9 of us. There was usually one of us missing.End of our Senior year. We look so young.

This was the day before we all moved away to college. We all cried... a lot.

This is everyone.

And one of my all-time-favorite pictures of my lovelies. I love them more than anything! For realsies.

One of those good friends reminded me today that I have to tell myself my car isn't a human... and I will be okay. Thanks, Whit.

I'll still miss it.


Mom said...

Your Dad and I cried as we drove up the street and realized we won't be able to watch for your little white car coming home - but Dad said we can now watch for your little silver car coming home. We are proud of the way you handled the sale and happy we could be of help.

jasmine said...

you and your friends are so cute!

you'll make new memories with your new car, don't worry. but i think you'll always miss your first little car.

Whitney said...

Oh I'll miss that little car. But now we just need to hang out and make memories in your new car. I have a feeling some of the best ones are still to come.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I will miss it too, Jalene! It's ok. There are many more memories to make with your new car...starting with a name. Got any ideas? :) Good times!