mmm... cali, i miss you already.

i feel like i didn't take as many pictures as i should've, but then again, i still have to develop pictures from Betsy. {i hope it worked!}

things i loved:
- forgetting what day of the week it was.
- bob's donuts (san fran, on polk and sacramento) PLEASE GO HERE! Oh my, most amazing delicious savory doughnut I've ever consumed in my ENTIRE life.
- crepes.
- homemade cheesecake made by chris.
- california food in general.
- the absolute perfect temperature.
- the glorious city feeling in San Fran.

things i didn't love:
- Nevada... way boring. all they have is desert, prisons, casinos, and Vegas... do we see any correlation?
- the gallons of salt water i got in my nose, ears, and mouth.

and here are the pictures!

farmer's market love.

charming little book store in san fran.

jason really likes smiling.

san fran at night when the fog was rolling in


favorite seth quotes from the trip:

- me: "why are you licking it?" (talking about a reese's peanut butter cup)
seth: "because there are loose pieces of chocolate that I don't want on my person."
- "hey, if I were a critter on your belt would we still be friends?"
- "a suction cup of an octupus??!!!!"
- "Jalene, have you ever considered becoming a prison guard?"
- and the best one was a good ten minute long story about Noah talking to his wife about building a boat... I SO wish I had it on video.

my only semi-good picture of the coast as we were driving.

i love everything about this photo.
the character.
the lighting.
the teal colored booths at peter's diner.

from the pier at night.

"hey jas, can you stop playing doodle-jump for one second and take a picture with us?"

such a character.

Oh yes, and did I mention I learned how to SURF????!!!!!
i got up the first time! it was amazing and blissful
and fun and i loved it so much.

my teacher?

long-time surfer friend of mine named Chris, resident of O-side.
he's one cool dude.

that's him.

and my favorite photos of the trip.

i've kind of fallen in love with night photography, i think.

san diego temple.

i love vacations.

the end.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Those Seth quotes were hilarious, even out of context! :) The booth pic is my favorite!

Shrope said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them, worth the long wait :)

Leon said...

Dang, I look good!

sa1tyeyes said...

it looks like you had a marvelous time. those photos are fabulous!!

Whitney said...

So cute and fun! I missed your face so much while you were gone though. Glad you had fun.

jasmine said...

gorgeous photos, jalene! it looks like such a fun trip! and you've got me all super excited for san francisco in the fall! i haven't tried those donuts, but i will now. there's some really amazing donuts at fisherman's wharf too. apparently, sf is THE place for donuts!!

Mandy said...

Your photos are fantastic... I am inspired. So glad you had fun!

Chess said...

You looked like you had fun! Those photos are, to say the least, quite marvelous! Loved the one of the temple and S. Fran at night.

OceanDreams said...

Looks like you had such an amazing time and I love all of your photography, so beautiful!!

Brittany said...

you are so beautiful! your photos are so beautiful! california is so beautiful, right?! so glad you had fun.

geri said...

i love your photos! and you have convinced me that i must find myself a doughnut at bob's. (my mouth was honestly watering. hmm. been a while since my last doughnut i think.)

kristin said...

pretty pictures! i love them... and i love you. want to come over and play games tomorrow night???

marierin said...

ps Just in case you needed a reminder, You are SO gorgeous! okay bye.

katrina said...

oh wow amazing photographs.
i love the one on the pier.
you are beautiful. +friends.

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

I LOVE love love your pictures!
you're so talented.
looks like you had fun :]

Jo said...

Gorgeous photos!!
Those San Fran shots make me want to hop in the car and road trip!!