my amazingly awesome activity for a friday night.

last night,
i was in a very bratty mood.

just ask lincoln. ahem.

and it was one of those times when i knew i was being a brat, but didn't know how to stop being a brat, you know?
please tell me you know.

so i decided to move stuff.
meaning--rearrange my room.

and that all sounds like a really good idea,
until you actually start moving stuff,
because you suddenly remember you have absolutely no arm strength.

really people, no biceps muscles whatsoever.
and dressers and beds and bookcases are really heavy!

so here i am on a friday night
huffing and puffing
pushing and pulling
all the items in my room to a different location.

that's just how awesome my friday night was.
i wish it would’ve helped me get out of my bratty mood.
but it didn’t.

sorry, linc.

tonight will be much better.
lincoln will be here, and we all know i function much better when he’s here.

p.s. can i just tell you how much i think you rock?!! all the ideas and responses to my shoe dilemma helped sooooo much! you people are gems! i just might be able to find wedding shoes!



sheena said...

at least you are productive when you are bratty....I just turn to icecream......oh well.

thanks so much for stopping by to say hello! your blog is too cute!

brittany barney said...

hahah i love rearranging. have fun tonight! loves!

xoxoKrysten said...

THINKING about rearranging always seems so much better than actually DOING it, lol.