my little buttercup.

on sunday,
lincoln pulled out a big box in his room full of stuff from his two year mission in Poland.

when lincoln was 19 he got called to serve a full time mission for our church.
every worthy young man is instructed to serve a mission
and women at the age of 21 can choose to serve for 18 months if they desire.

lincoln pulled out memory after memory and expressed his love for his mission and poland.
he gave me a stack of cds with pictures on them and asked me to upload them to my computer.

i had fun looking through them and seeing how happy he was serving the Lord.
here are some of my favorites.

classic lincoln face.

someday, lincoln and i will visit Poland again and visit the people he taught.
i'm really excited.

isn't he a cute missionary?
he looks so much younger.

p.s. if you ever need someone to speak Polish for you, he can help. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love looking at missionary pictures, how cute :)

Lauren Kay said...

I happened upon your blog somehow and loved it. I love it even more because I served in Poland with Lincoln (never in the same city, but same zone and branch for a bit). I loved that you posted these pictures. I hope you have a wonderful day! (PS. I always knew Lincoln would marry a cute girl, but I would have to say that he exceeded my expectations. Congratulations! Can't wait for more wedding news!)

xoxoKrysten said...

That is so much fun! My ex has a friend who's from Poland and he's gone there with his friend a few times. He loves it there!

Bekah: said...

My hubbin served in Poland too! It seems you here about others serving there few and far between.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding but more importantly your upcoming marriage. Because isn't the marriage really the most important?

TheCoys said...

he looks so little and cute. That must have been fun to go through those.

7upkels said...

jeaaaalous. i wish "my missionary" was already home.

poland would be amazing! what language did he end up speaking?

the mrs. said...

My grandparents were the mission presidents in Poland a few years back, the TOBLERS. When was lincon there? My family went to Poland to visit them during the 3 years they were there, and I LOVED IT... What a pretty place. I'm excited for you to see it!

marierin said...

I wonder if he served with my good friend Sean Smith! You should ask. :)

brittany barney said...

how darling. i love it. your kids will too. i DIED over your wedding dress. you are going to be drop dead gorgeous. not to mention stunning.