school is hard.

in two days of class i have:

2 papers due
1 quiz
3 tests

blehhhh!  i'm so exhausted.
i can't wait until the day i will never have to do homework again.


xoxoKrysten said...

Yuck. That is no fun at all. Good luck lady!

Rebekah V. said...

I don't have to do any homework and I have a proposal. I think I would like to switch places with you today. Are you up for 11 loads of laundry and making dinner because if you are I promise I won't mess up your papers and tests and you could do that. It would be an awesome deal because if we freaky fridayed then I would look like you too! We just have to switch back before the wedding because that could get awkward. If you are up for this plan then we just need to coordinate when we simultaneously say the same thing and magically switch bodies. I am sorry about the stretch marks.

Seriously, though, good luck with all of your work. i hope you get a second wind!

Sabrina. said...

we're in the same boat! we should call it the s.s. insanity. Good luck!


my name is lauren. said...

that day will be lovely!

anyone who tells you that college is so much better than working is a liar. work is way better! at least if you have a job where you don't bring home paperwork...cause if you do then it's just like homework and that just sucks. hope you get the kind of job without paperwork.

for now....

good luck with all your to-dos!