W is for Wedding.

my life pretty much runs like this now days.

monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday:

work, school, and homework every night.
curled up in my room with very little human interaction.
learn, study, learn, study, take quizzes, write papers.


wedding stuff.


and try to relax for a second.

and then everything starts all over again.
it's getting quite mundane.
and boring.

but this saturday we had an ULTRA wedding day.
and it was fun.

first we met with our photographer

photography is, naturally, the most important thing to me when it comes to the wedding.
i contacted her before we were even engaged back in November to make sure she could shoot my wedding.
we had a great time talking about ideas for the wedding.
and you could say i've very very very excited.
and nervous at the same time.
how is it photographers don't really like their picture taken?

then we met with the florist.

that was exciting and stressful.
for some reason i'm having the hardest time deciding what flowers i want.
or maybe it's hard for me to portray the feel i want to someone else.
but we figured some things out.
and i'm mostly really excited about my idea for the vases!
if you haven't noticed, i'm a details person.

then the most exciting part of the day!

we drove to orem to pick up my dress.
that's right.
it's done!!!
Barbara Gant made my dress.
she's my dad's relative, but also has made custom wedding dresses for years.
*side note: natalie hill from mormon in manhattan, also had her dress made by barbara.*

barbara was so great to work with.
she made my dress in like 4 fittings!
i took her pictures of different parts of dresses that i wanted
and she just made it.
kind of like my fairly godmother, out of thin air.
haha, just kidding.

when we got there she told me to put my dress on and left the room.
i pulled off the bag and gasped.
then clapped my hands together and jumped up and down like a ridiculous person.

it's so beautiful.
i love it.

i put it on and finally had that feeling when you know it's THE dress.
it was so fun.
i wish i could show everyone but i'm not showing lincoln until we have our bridal/groomal shoot.
we are going to do the "first look" thing.

so hold your breath.
not literally.

and there are 95 days left until we get married.
just sayin'.


xoxoKrysten said...

Oh my gosh. Picking up the dress is so darn exciting!

Brittany said...

Can I just say that I am so excited to see every aspect of your wedding? I think you have wonderful taste, and it will be so beautiful.

Michelle said...

I'm so excited to see everything pull together!

And I love that you guys are doing the "first look" thing! so romantic

I know you have a lot going on, but maybe it seems mundane because you have so much to look forward to and it keeps getting closer!

PS. Was natalie's dress a wedding dress? I didn't know she had been married.

Anonymous said...

I want to see! I want to see! Send me a picture in an email, please oh please!! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry this might be a dumb question but whats the "first look" thing?

kristin said...

ahhhhhh! i want to see the dress!! you'd show me, right?? i'm so happy it's exactly what you want. :)

TeeTee said...

oh my gosh... i cannot wait to see your dress!

Kera said...

holy that photographer makes me want to renew my vows or something. She is fabulous. don't worry about being a details person. you only get to do it once. I wish i would have been more particular. can't wait to see you dress!

brittany barney said...

oh girlfriend its all about the details. and i totally went over to jessica kettles website and stalked her out and she is amazing. so cute. im soooo excited! umm i really want to see your dress and dont want to wait. can you send me a pic?

Whitney Lane said...

just wanted to say I'm new to this blog and I LOVE it. thanks for sharing your life with the world!

Mandy said...

Can you send me Barbara's info? I might (might) be needing a wedding dress soon too... :) And I think I want to do custom made. Thanks girl!