grandma's 93rd birthday party

sunday night we celebrated my grandma's 93rd birthday party!

we got married on her wedding anniversary, remember?

i had to sneak a photo of her because i don't think she would let me take one of her.

isn't she pretty?

and the rest of this post is a documentation of the giant grass fight that lincoln got into with my nephew and niece.

it was quite entertaining.

 can you see the grass flying?

isn't he going to be a cute dad?

i think so.

remember this guy from last year's birthday party?

he's getting so big!

and here's a photo of me since i haven't posted one in a while that's not from photobooth.

yes, it was windy.  and my hair is grossly stringy.

and here is my very handsome husband.
he definitely got the looks in our relationship.

i can feel summer slipping away and i'm so sad!

i just don't want it to end.

how was your weekend??


Brittany said...

weekend was wonderful. but i have to admit...i'm excited for autumn. i hope we get a long one.

you and lincoln are adorable.

and that last photo is amazing. i'm dying.

whimsy said...

grandma is precious! and linc is going to be such a great dad, what a cute uncle! im sure they love him! and your hair is gorgeous, not gross!

kara lynn said...

oh your grandma is so cute! i have a great grandma in her 90's and it is so fun to visit with them! it was my sister's wedding this last weekend which i planned. so i consider myself in a post-wedding hangover funk

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

What a cute grandma! Love the pictures as always! The pictures of you with your hair blowing is gorgeous!

heisschic said...

two things:
one- your grandmother is beautiful! i feel like she'd have a quiet grace about her...

two- there is nothing more attractive than seeing a good looking man playing with children. your ovaries must've been screaming.

Anna said...

Don't be silly, you are so beautiful! And I love the pictures you take, especially the ones that capture such fun, fleeting moments.