the oven.

once upon a time,

lincoln left the oven on all night after he cooked himself a pizza.

i, jalene, was not here to witness the incident, but was very concerned after hearing about it.

once upon another time,

lincoln left the oven on all day.

i, jalene, discovered the incident upon returning home from work.

once upon tonight,

lincoln left the oven on again after dinner.
(not so long this time).

we have a new rule at our house:

before removing the food from oven, TURN IT OFF!  and there is NO eating allowed until that is done.

lincoln made this rule up himself after the first incident...

but has yet to follow it.


if our apartment burns down, i might have a good guess what the cause was.


gregandvanessa said...

that is my rule too.
but like your husband, mine apparently can never remember it. i have found the oven left on after he has used it more times that i can count.

last time, i banned him from using it at all. it is entirely off limits. i feel like a mean wife, but he's a big boy and it's more important that the apartment doesn't burn down.


Anonymous said...

ahh! that is a little scary. hopefully it DOESNT burn down, because that would be ever so sad!

whimsy said...

umm funny story, jacob does THE EXACT SAME THING!!! and after a good year, still have not been able to get him to break the habbit. how is everything? sounds amazing! where are you guys living?

Amanda said...

Well.. If it makes you feel better, one of our roommates left our oven on for a week [give or take a few days] during Christmas break last year.

Kara Lynn said...

I'm happy to hear I am not the only one who does this. I don't know why, but I just cannot remember to turn that thing off!!

Mandy said...

Haha... I always forget to turn it off. Tell Lincoln he is not alone.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!

david-and-emily said...

My hubby does the same thing, once over night. He doesn't seem to think it is a big problem!

CAPow! said...

good rule! luckily, m & i are both super paranoid about leaving appliances on/plugged in, so we've yet to have one of those scares!