wedding videos

it was kind of strange how we happened to hire nathan pickett to be our wedding videographer.

that's his him right over there... teaching lincoln the art of fluffing a wedding dress... what a champ.

it was one cold day in january and i can't quite remember, but i think i found him through rockstar diaries sponsor side bar on my iPhone as we were driving around town.

because we had to change our wedding day (another store for later), the original videographer we thought about hiring was already booked.

turns out nate is pretty good buddies with the other dude.

so we knew he had good style based on his friendship with the other dude and that he told us he was more of a documentary type videographer, which i absolutely wanted.

i wasn't into all the slow-motion spinning in circles type dealio.

i just wanted to have someone capture our day exactly how it happened with real emotions.

and that is exactly what we got with nate.

we met him at his office that day in january and lincoln and i instantly felt like we wanted to be best friends with nate.

he seriously is way cool, people.

so we were way happy about our choice.

and then we had to wait five long months to actually work with him.

i could say a million great things about nate, but the biggest compliment i can give him was that he was one of the easiest people we worked with during wedding planning.

he was upfront and open about how long it would take, etc. and we totally didn't mind because he is just that awesome.

good thing we booked him when we did.  he told me he had many inquiries for our day.  and also like 12 weddings in june alone.  yikes!

last weekend he sent me the highlight videos of our wedding day and reception.

i will admit i cried watching the temple coverage.

it's perfect.

and now i will share with you.

he said he will have the full disc to us soon, so i will share that when it comes!

but here's the highlights for now.

temple coverage:

6-5-10:All SLC Temple from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.


Rice Eccles: Reception from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

gold star to anyone that catches a shot of lincoln and i grooving at the temple.
best part!


kylee said...

yep. definitely just watched both videos instead of do my homework. you two are beyond adorable.

kara lynn said...

i just have to say that he did a fantastic job and you two are so cute! i liked being able to watch all the many details that aren't normally involved in these videos

kara lynn said...

i just have to say that he did a fantastic job and you two are so cute! i liked being able to watch all the many details that aren't normally involved in these videos

Krista & Tyler said...

wow. you definitely made my day much happier by posting those videos. whenever i have a sad or rough day, i just think to myself "someone got married today!" and it always makes me feel better. thanks for making my dreams come true :) you looked lovelier than ever. i am so excited for you guys - so happy that everything looks as beautiful as you two.

ps: tyler was really excited that he made the video.

pss: i definitely laughed out loud when you two were jamming at the temple!

oxo lets get together soon (yah-ya-ya!)

katrina said...

ohh wow those are incredible.

such a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple.

happpy. thats the only word i can think.

Anna said...

I saw your videos on his site a few days ago, and they really are wonderful! He is fantastic at what he does, and there's nothing quite like a video to capture the full experience! Congratulations again on your marriage!

Anna said...

Also, in your temple video, when the first song says "lovely girl" with a great shot of you there. I thought that was great. GOOD JOB NATE!

Michelle said...

way cute! I loved the second half of each video, though they were both fantastic!

Such a cute reception too!

And of course, you two!

communikate. said...

man.. i wish would've had a wedding video. these are awesome!

Mandy said...

These are sensational. Almost made me cry (I am serious).

What a beautiful day. I am glad you will always have this to remember.

emily said...

i love, love, love these videos. i wish nathan lived in ohio!

J said...

This video is beautiful. I love the first song played :)

kristin said...

so cute! he did such a good job.

audrey said...

oh. my. goodness. love these. and i'm still SO bummed i couldn't make it to your reception! you made a gorgeous bride and i love the way you document your life happenings. makes me feel like we're not so far away from each other. miss you babe! loves!

7upkels said...

ohhhhh my glory. might just have to watch this 30,498,932 more times.

Carlita said...

so so so awesome.

and pretty. and i love rice eccles (our location too!)

She Loves The Color Pink said...

These are incredible! Love them.

Andrea said...

um, HELLO!! Those videos are amazing!! I am a pretty new reader to your blog, and it's about time I comment on here! You are beautiful, and I love the way you write-very relatable! Congratulations on your new marriage!

andrea said...

I love both of them! He did a great job. That is going to be so fun to look at in years to come for sure. :)

cache and lindsey said...


Kate said...

I watched these last night and then woke up this morning singing a song I didn't know. Turns out it was the second song from the Temple video & I made myself (almost) late for work downloading it.
Just got a text from a workmate saying "what is that song with the line about bunnies in?" so I have spread the musical infection!

I'm so glad you had a fabulous day and thank you so much for sharing it with us. xx

Kel said...

What a beautiful, perfect wedding and reception. I love your videos so much! What a great way to document the best day of your lives!